novels illustrated by famed fantasy artist Alan Lee. Out of all the various print editions of Tolkien's classic
trilogy, these books are arguably the finest. Lee's visions had so captivated the film's director, Peter Jackson,
that he was hired as a conceptual designer and was heavily involved in creating the look for the trilogy.
J.R.R. Tolkien's novels illustrated by Alan Lee
These are my covers based on the illustrated novels. The new covers are sized for both 4/5 and 6/7 disc cases avaiable at The 4/5 disc case will hold the 4 disc Extended Editions plus the Bonus disc that came with the gift sets. The 6/7 disc covers will hold all that, plus the original theatrical cuts.
Pictured above are the seven disc cases displayed with the Argonath bookends thar were included with "The Fellowship of the Ring" gift set.
The 4/5 and the 6/7 versions are the same except for the gold border around the spine image. On the smaller 4/5 covers the gold border only appears on the top and bottom of the image. This is how they were designed for the hardcover book set. Given the thicker spine of the 6/7 disc cases, the border was added to the sides to make better use of the extra space.
Click here for the 4 or 5 disc covers
Click here for the 6 or 7 disc covers
Click here for the 4 or 5 disc covers
Click here for the 6 or 7 disc covers
While the style of the Extended Edition covers have a handsome worn book look to
the packaging, I wanted to have a single case to hold both the Theatrical and
Extended Editions of each film. At first I had scanned the Extended Edition cover
and resized it to fit a septuple case, then I decided to try something different while
still maintaining the book motif. These covers were inspired by the Lord of the Rings
Original packaging
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These covers were made to fit the
wide 7 disc Alpha-paks available at
US   The spines measure
approx. 2" wide.
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