Special thanks to my friend and colleague Jupiter Prime, who allowed me to use many of his images and design elements in the creation of these covers.
These Babylon 5 Sets are designed to hold the entire series and come in two different case sizes with a couple of variations for each set.

First is the regular set designed for the Alpha Black Sextuple (6) and Quintuple (5) DVD Cases available at InetDVD and US Plastic, among other places. This set features a wide panoramic view of the station, as well as a jumpgate, a couple of Starfuries and a Shadow vessel, with Epsilon 3 looming large in the background.

The second version was designed for the super slim 6 and 5 disc cases available in Australia.
The spines are only 15/16" wide and the whole series takes up about half the shelf space.
The set features only a shot of the station on the spine. The covers are very similar to their bigger counterparts with a few exceptions.
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Order the 5 and 6 disc Alpha cases from:
Media Technology Group
in Austrailia
The 6 and 5 disc "Super Slim"
cases can only be ordered from
The actual part numbers for what they call "Swing Tray" Cases is: PLP216BR - 6 DVD case for $4.45 AUS

Shipping can get very expensive so group orders are recommended
You can also get slim cases from
The cases are 1/16th of an inch thicker, but I am told that the slim design displays just about as well in them.

There is also a seller on Ebay known as Pakpal, who sells the slightly thicker slim cases.
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