Spanning 31 covers this set is for those folks that have it all! Designed to hold the entire Star Trek saga currently out on DVD. This includes the five live action series and the 10 Collector's Edition motion pictures. This set will take up an approximate 33 inches of shelf space and is best displayed if you own all the series (as ships from one series overlap a bit onto others). If needed, the set can be separated into two sections without too much disruption of the image. These recommended points are between The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine or between Deep Space Nine and Voyager.
Click on an image below to view and download each section of the Ships of the Line series!
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the whole spanning spine image.
These covers are made to fit around the 1 inch wide 8 disc cases available at Genesys DTP. Although most of the sets only have a total of seven discs, you can use the eighth slot for the Best Buy bonus discs if you have them.
There is an alternate set for Star Trek: The Original Series that adds two more cases (for a total of 33 for the whole set) This will hold the original 40 disc DVD release of the series plus the original series movies. If you download the extended Star Trek set, you must download the accompanying Enterprise set so that the spine will match.
The Beta Set...
The Cases...
Created by Ric Easton
and Jupiter Prime
Order the 8 disc cases from
Genesys DTP
Effectuality Inc
Sleeve City
(third item listed on page)
Enterprise - Alpha
There are some very similar 8 disc cases available at
However these cases are 2mm wider than the covers offered in the links above.
This may adversely affect the spine image (though probably not by much).
The links below feature the same covers but slightly resized for the
Be sure to download the correct version of Enterprise and Star trek (TOS). The Beta version matches the original 40 disc DVD release of the original Star Trek series.
Region 2 Covers now available...
SVP cases.
Enterprise - Beta
Star Trek - Alpha
Star Trek - Beta
The Next Generation
Deep Space Nine
Order the cases here.
Special thanks to Wayne Howard who did all the tedious re-sizing!
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