I always loved the look of the scenic teaser posters for the first two films and thought it would be nice to do a set based on them.
The trouble was that the advance poster for "The Return of the King" deviated from their past style and featured a close up of Aragorn.
Fortunately, the "Art of The Return of the King" featured the style I was looking for on it's front cover. I imagine that shot was originally
going to be used for the theatrical poster art until the studio decided to go in another direction by featuring their characters more.

Click on any of the covers below to view a bigger picture or click on the download links to get high quality versions suitable for printing.
Below are the covers for the Extended Editions of "The Lord of the Rings" I've included a preview cover for The Return of the King,
but the special features section will remain empty until the official release comes out, probably in the Fall of 2004.
Below are alternate versions of the above designs done for the 2 disc theatrical releases of
The Lord of the Rings DVDs. Click on the pictures for a bigger view, or download the
high resolution covers by clicking on the Download link.
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Download cover
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Alternate ROTK Covers...
Displayed below are my newest set of Lord of the Rings covers.

These covers are for both the Theatrical and Extended Editions of "The Lord of the Rings". Each cover will fit a 6 or 7 disc Alpha case, depending on whether you bought the Extended Edition's Gift Set which included a fifth bonus disc. They were inspired by the fine book-like cases that came with the Extended Editions.
Download cover
Download cover
Download cover
Download cover
More covers....
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covers based on this design...
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Alternate ROTK Cover...
These covers were made to fit the
wide 7 disc Alpha-paks available at
US Plastic.com.   The spines measure
approx. 2" wide.
And here for newer covers to
house the entire trilogy in one case!
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